On games’ cultural status

That’s our simplistic view of this idea, “Oh, well, that’s what these high-status works are about. They are about serious topics and serious themes.”

Don't Die

On games journalism

“A great deal of features writing about videogames is concerned and distracted with thesis-level interpretations. But wanting to read and write about the truth is more basic, and should be more accessible. It still isn’t.”

ForeignPolicy - Emmett Rensin - political violence

On political violence

“It is easier to declare a moral prohibition on political violence when your children are not starving.”


On post-truth politics

Implied in the formulation ‘post-truth politics’ is that what went on before it was the truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s humour this idea, and ask, then, when did such politics begin? At what point did xenophobia and misdirected rage become the common currency of politics? 28 July 2002? Thanks to the Chilcot Report, […]

Mark Fisher

On neo-anarchism

“There’s a strange implicit rule here: it’s OK to protest against what parliament has done, but it’s not alright to enter into parliament or the mass media to attempt to engineer change from there. […] Purism shades into fatalism; better not to be in any way tainted by the corruption of the mainstream, better to uselessly ‘resist’ than to risk getting your hands dirty.”