Pontypool (2009)

Well, here’s something I’ve been meaning to write for about five months.┬áThe film Pontypool is pretty old news now: I originally heard about it in early 2010 due to its appearance on a ‘Best Horror of 2009’ list, and its original theatrical release was almost two years ago. Question of timeliness aside, I think Pontypool […]

Rebecca Levene – Tomes of the Dead: Anno Mortis

It’s a while since I reviewed anything from British genre publisher Abaddon Books (see here), and indeed since I read anything from them. I’ve got a certain measure of admiration for what they’re trying to accomplish but the fiction I’d read from them to date had not exactly blown me away. However, I didn’t count […]

Blog Like It’s The End of the World 2009

Oh hey, I missed the zombie apocalypse again. Bummer. Kinda neat to see that what started out as a joke among a few SF&F crit blogs has taken on a life of its own though. Everything is better with zombies. <3

Zombies Can Run

I’ve got a new article / essay / opinion piece / geek screed up on Den of Geek titled ‘Zombies Can Run’. The subtitle (“why 28 Days Later is a zombie movie after all”) isn’t mine, but I think that was put there primarily to look a bit contrary and draw people in. Oh, and […]