If you’re going to write children…

…please, please try and get their voice right. There’s nothing that ruins a story faster than characters who talk (or subvocalise) in an entirely unconvincing way. Based on personal and anecdotal experience it seems sprogs, kids and teens are the demographic writers tend to struggle with the most. This is understandable, to an extent; youth […]

If only

“Do you suffer when you write? I don’t at all. Suffer like a bastard when I don’t write, or just before, and feel empty and fucked out afterwards. But never feel as good as while writing.” – Ernest Hemingway [Via Gareth Powell]

And the award goes to…

I’ve never been particularly fond of following award ceremonies or prize schemes, usually happy to instead meander along my own exploratory routes through culture old and new. By which I mean I tend to have rarely read more than one book on any given shortlist before voting season rolls up, and thus don’t feel particularly […]

State of the nation address

Okay, okay. I’ve been terrible for the last few weeks. Without even the del.icio.us round-ups this blog’s been looking like a ghost town. Here’s the thing: I’ve been torn two ways between sleeping really badly (insomnia is no fun) and being really busy with the day job. I know no one reading this gives a […]

Week O’ Flash Retrospective

Over the past week I published four pieces of flash fiction. The intention was to catch up on all the weeks I’ve missed so far this year. I’m still one short so I’ll be playing catch-up again soon, but I’m pretty pleased that I managed to find the time to devise, write and post four […]