On games journalism

Don't Die

“A great deal of features writing about videogames is concerned and distracted with thesis-level interpretations. But wanting to read and write about the truth is more basic, and should be more accessible. It still isn’t.”

Post-Mortem: Rumours & Hearsay

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“I wouldn’t call myself an experienced writer of fiction, but I’ve certainly had more practice at it than I have at making Twine games. That’s why I decided to write one and why this post-mortem is going to be fairly self-critical.”

Post-Mortem: Readers Like You

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“I’m keen to use the Idle Fiction Jam to push myself as a writer, exploring new challenges and addressing the flaws in my style and technique. ‘Readers Like You’ unfortunately exhibits a number of those flaws.”

Post-Mortem: A Person Shaped Thing

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[This is] unusual writing for me as it’s essentially realist fiction and features no genre elements whatsoever. I’ve dabbled with this before but it’s not something I do regularly, and I enjoyed the challenge of writing a series of vignettes featuring vulnerable people living and working in Britain today.

Idle Fiction Jam Post-Mortems

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I decided that if I were to write fiction again I wanted to make a break with my past work and attempt to address these weaknesses. For better or worse that’s something I’m trying to do with the IFJ.

A Person-Shaped Thing is a Person

Idle Thumbs

Your hands ache and torn cuticles bleed. Callouses are beginning to develop on your fingers, but you still envy the English workers, who work with gloves. Your back also aches, and you wonder how many hours you have spent under the hot sun.

Occasionally I do actually write things

Interzone 260 cover clip

I’ve been absolutely terrible lately at bigging up any of the writing I’ve been doing. Fortunately, I have genuinely exciting news! Time to grab the doldrums by the metaphorical shoulders, fling them into the seat of a jalopy and kick it down the hill, all the while screaming “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING”.

Oh! What A Lovely Year

Rubbish strewn across a street as onlookers and traffic mill around uncertainly.

2014: it was a year in which shit happened.

A short writing update

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.

It’s nice to hear from you

Sometimes blogging can seem like a bit of a thankless slog, or worse a pointless endeavour… pissing words into the winds of the internet. This harsh fact is evidenced by the corpses of hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs and websites. I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing the things I’ve written and I like the […]