The Scary-Go-Round finally stops

John W. Allison’s fine and long-running surrealist comic published its last strip on Friday, after an unbroken seven year run. Seven years! It makes me feel old just writing that; I must’ve been reading Allison’s work for a decade now. He’s not done yet, of course, and has a new comic starting in just over […]

Planet Arcade

Earlier in the year, when I reviewed episode 1 of their series of RPGs, I said some very complimentary things about Penny Arcade. I meant them, and I do love the strip. When they’re writing about games, they can be very funny indeed. But, and this is when they step outside that comfort zone, I […]

Book Review: Nothing Nice To Say Vol. 2 (Mitch Clem)

Let me say this up front: I’m a big fan of Nothing Nice to Say, and I have been since about 2001 when I first came across the strip. It feels a little strange to say it but in many ways I’ve grown up with the strip. It’s been a substantial part of my experience […]