On political violence

ForeignPolicy - Emmett Rensin - political violence

“It is easier to declare a moral prohibition on political violence when your children are not starving.”

Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part Three


“It was the Stalker that spoke. Its voice grated on the senses, like a dozen knifeblades being drawn over metal and concrete, but beneath that there was a melancholic timbre, the impossibility of poetry lurking beneath monstrosity.”

Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part Two


“There was something clinging to the ceiling. A nightmarish figure of spikes and rails and blades, with six dimly glimmering eyes set into a squat head. Four of its limbs were driven into the ceiling, suspending it, and the other two reached toward Bearer and the Gun.”

Pearls That Were His Eyes (2007): Part One


“To those versed in the art of murder, a gun is understood as an impersonal tool.”

The Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto

Late last year, whilst meandering through the day’s crop of Tumblr posts, I came across the “Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto”. The original post and blog appear to have been taken down, possibly due to the amount of attention, number of comments (many aggressively negative) and reposts it received. Fortunately the nature of Tumblr is such […]