Dissociates – Kick and Shove (video)

So as we all know, because I mention it every six weeks or so, and because it’s on the submissions page which everyone obviously reads before adding my email address to their mailing lists, I don’t do press releases or puff pieces. What I do, or what I used to do before I ran out […]

Gaza from a distance

Here are two videos, via the New Left Project, that relate to Israel/Palestine and are worth watching. First up is a short 3-minute piece that restates some of the simple facts about the siege of the Gaza Strip and the recent assault on the aid flotilla. Following that, here is a clip from the Colbert […]

Nostalgia for updates?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve still not fixed the linkposts, and I’ve had nothing else to post for a while. Sorry folks. In the meantime, why not have a look at some nice videos from the interwoobertrons? The first one is an awesome funk mashup… thing of Fallout 3 and is goddamn awesome. (Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.) […]