John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Although it was originally released in 2004, and I bought it in 2005, it was only this year that I finally read this book – which courted some controversy when it originally shot up the bestseller lists. The short summary is that this purports to be an autobiography which focuses on some of the most […]

Abortion doctor’s killer’s executioner prepares to tell court he was right

The tense standoff in America between extreme anti-abortion protesters and doctors who provide abortions has been ruptured by a judge’s ruling in Kansas that the executioner of a killer of a doctor will be allowed to argue in court that he believed he was justified in trying to save unmurdered doctors. Continues page 5… (Actual […]

So long, asshole!

It’s not worth wasting too many words on this mass-murdering moron. We all know his legacy. Obama, on the other hand, we should all be watching very closely.