The Dauntless Elite – More Bloody Bad News

It’s a pleasure to be coming back to the Dauntless Elite after so long. They’re a band I’ve always thought of fondly, but leafing back through my record collection I realise I’ve not actually heard anything from them since 2004’s Security? Apparently I’ve not picked up any of their records since then. I also remember […]

Four Lions – “Fuck Mini Babybel”

Chris Morris makes his directorial debut with Four Lions, a film satirising homegrown British terrorists (and, to a lesser extent, British anti-terror efforts). It’s been eagerly awaited since its announcement several years ago, particularly by fans of Morris’s work in television and radio. Has it been worth that wait? On one level… yes. It’s a […]

Exciting post-electoral scenes

I was at band practice last night, and opted not to stay up late following any election coverage as no one really knows what’s going on anyway. This morning I had to hurry into work whilst being accused by my landlord of taking a bottle of tomato food (I didn’t take his sodding tomato food), […]

Election day, aka. vote for your ideals, or at least not Tory

Here’s the front cover of today’s miserable excuse for a collection of words and images, British wankrag The Sun: Piss off, you shower of miserable cunts. This is the most toe-curlingly embarrassing appropriation of Obama iconography I’ve yet seen. As though Cameron represents anything more than the triumph of PR over issues, of a shallow […]

ATP Versus the Fans review up at The Dreaded Press

My mighty, meaty-in-the-metaphoric-sense review of ATP: The Fans Strike Back ’09 is now up at The Dreaded Press – direct link here. I think I made editor Paul Raven a leeetle jealous by getting to go… I’m going to shamelessly bump my blog’s appearance in search rankings and list every band I cover in the […]

Moral equivalence and nuclear arsenals

The Guardian, March 17th 2009: The UK is to push for a new multilateral deal to reduce the number of nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world, Gordon Brown said today, as he pledged that Britain was “ready” to reduce its own number of Trident warheads. In his first speech on nuclear disarmament since May, Brown […]