DVD Review: Sealab 2021 season 1

Yup, I reviewed a DVD collection of one of Adult Swim’s dumbest comedies. Because I love it. It is deeply silly and a great deal of fun, and it was very strange to write a review of the show that treated it seriously. Still, I managed it, and you can read my review here. I […]

Fucked Up versus Fox News

Possibly the weirdest punk-related news of last week was this: Toronto’s Fucked Up lead vocalist Pink Eyes – aka Damian Abraham – has been asked to appear more regularly on Fox New‘s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Abraham will be playing the role of a general leftist pundit, after declining to be a “gender expert.” […]

Something pithy about reality outpacing satire

Infamous powerhouse of satire The Onion recently put up a video report about a reality TV show in which autoworkers at two Ford plants compete against one another in a variety of challenges. The prize? Keeping their jobs, pensions and healthcare. Autoworkers Compete to Keep Jobs, Livelihoods on New Reality Show It’s almost too dark […]

Shock and Awe on Pay-Per-View

The fact is, while in the second Lebanon war the home front suffered from terrible shortages — and I’m talking about a shortage of basic living needs, namely television programming that makes people want to win — this time they deployed correctly and everything is working smoothly, everything is under control and our photogenic and […]