The Winter Olympics – I Miss the 90s b/w This is the Fourth Time (I Have Been In Your House)

The problem with really overt pop-cultural nostalgia is that it’s really easy to be accused of cynical populism. In fact, is there anything more cynical and populist than reminding people of all that shit, that cultural detritus, the forgotten mass produce of capitalism that we once cluttered up our lives with? It was abandoned and […]

Yngve & The Innocent – Draw a Line (single)

Yngve & The Innocent (can I pluralise that? Are the rest of the band Innocents? Answers on a postcard) have been busy. Towards the end of 2010 they released the Nothing Was Delivered EP – reviewed here – and now we have this double single. Nominally the single is ‘Draw A Line’, but I think […]

Next Biggest Thing music club: Why Why Peaches – Holes

I’ve got a longstanding policy of not posting press releases or otherwise doing any kind of PR on this blog: I review stuff or otherwise indulge in creative or critical writing. That’s what I do. However, I’m going to make an exception for Next Biggest Thing. I’ve a few reasons for this. Because it’s a […]

Pilotlight – South (digital single)

‘South’ is the first single from Pilotlight’s debut album, The Post War Musical. I’ve not heard the album but according to the press release accompanying this digital single it’s built around a solid theme. Bear with me, for no readily apparent reason I can’t copy and paste text straight out of it… The Post War […]

Aged Yummy – Hoi Polloi (single)

A few years back, 2008 or 2009 or so, I saw Aged Yummy at Hector’s House in Brighton, on the basis that one of the band’s members used to be mates with / play in a band with my own band’s then-bassist. At least, this is how I remember the story. My subsequent research (googling) […]

…And So I Watch You From Afar – Straight Through The Sun (7″ single)

I’ve been pretty keen on Dublin’s …And So I Watch You From Afar since catching them at This Ain’t No Picnic back in’08. For those not in the know they play instrumental post-rock that’s typically energetic and approachable. Straight Through the Sun is their latest release on STA records and is a teaser for their imminent […]

Feldberg – I’m Not Thinking Of You

This will be an extremely short review as it’s of a digital single with no b-sides, clocking in at a meagre 2:22. It’s courtesy of Icelandic music/vocals duo Feldberg, aka. instrumental multi-tasker Einar Tönsberg and singer Rósa Ísfeld, and UK indie label Smalltown America. ‘I’m Not Thinking of You’ is a preciously delicate piece of […]

The Border Surrender – Oh Mary (single)

A real short review for you all today, courtesy of the Border Surrender and their new single ‘Oh Mary’. It’s all a-side, in that there’s no b-side. None at all! Fortunately the four minutes of ‘Oh Mary’ stand up perfectly well on their own. The London four-piece construct an elaborate song that builds up and […]

Come On Gang – Fortune Favours the Brave (single)

Come On Gang hail “variously from Brighton, Hastings and the Scottish Borders”, which must make practices a bitch! Ha ha ha. So they all live in Edinburgh now, which is a shame since I live in Brighton and now they”re at the wrong end of the UK for me. Playing dancey pop music can be […]

Boy Mandeville – Christina b/w Raisin Snake 7″

A barely-tangential preamble: I’ve been prodding Uncle Google and Auntie Wikipedia today in an effort to figure out exactly where Boy Mandeville got their name. Thus far my favourite guesses involve the absurd London 2012 mascots and Bernard Mandeville, a Dutch/English philosopher famous for ‘The Fable of the Bees’, a tweely-titled book containing a poem […]