Insomnia is a theatre piece interspersed with pre-recorded video segments and (a minimal) amount of audience interaction, further supported by fiction and a pen and paper RPG, all of which explore its characters and the central themes of insomnia and what may lie beyond sleep. I wrote a short story concerning one of these insomniacs!

Acapella Zoo #5 (Fall/August 2010)

Acapella Zoo is a web and print ‘zine of slipstream/magic realist fiction based in the US – its editor is based in Seattle but its staff hail from across the States – and has been publishing since 2008. This, its fifth issue, features fifteen stories and poetry by twelve contributors; there is no non-fiction component, […]

Interzone magazine #231

Apparently I’ve never written about Interzone here on Nostalgia For Infinity, which honestly surprises me a bit as it’s the magazine I’ve been subscribed to longest (about six years now, since Andy Cox took over as editor). It’s the only SF magazine I read regularly, thanks to a mix of factors: its persistently cool design […]