Review: Sunshine Patriots by Bill Campbell

Sunshine Patriots cover

Although highly uneven and flawed, Campbell’s rastafarian SF novel is a ferocious and dark-humoured critique of human fallibility and rapacious colonialism.

Lunopolis (2010)

I was sent a t-shirt along with my review copy of Lunopolis upon which were printed the words “There are people on the moon. They are from the future. And they run our government.” This is a remarkably concise précis of the plot of this oddball film, and further a useful indicator of its serious style. It’s a […]

Colin Harvey – Winter Song

A recent collaboration between new genre imprint Angry Robot and the British Science Fiction Association saw all BSFA members sent a free copy of Colin Harvey’s new novel, Winter Song. Vector (the BSFA’s critical journal) editor Niall Harrison and reviews editor Martin Lewis organised a reading group for the novel, and the end of April saw a swathe […]

Hub hits a hundred (or did, last year)

So here’s a post I wrote half of last October (Hub is now up to #108). The fact that I didn’t find the time or inclination to finish a short and simple review of a short weekly SF e-zine for three months pretty much sums up the creative death that was Q4 2009 for me. […]

Paul McAuley – The Quiet War

Back at the outset of August I promised to post one of my book reviews for Vector every Saturday, and then repeatedly forgot to queue up the reviews for the rest of the month. Duh. Here’s the first of the two, of an understated and clever space opera by Paul McAuley. The Overturn, a period […]

F3: Total Campaign Dominance

Today I had something else planned, but my day turned out busier than expected and the week has generally been a bit fucked up. As a result I’ve quickly finished up something around an old idea; I like the concept but could have done more with it. Ah well. C’est la vie. . TOTAL CAMPAIGN […]

F3: Watching the Valves

Here’s this week’s Friday Flash Fiction, a short story set in the same loose post-apocalyptic world as Sun and Interdiction Zone. This piece was inspired by a particularly chilling chapter in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us. It could probably use some more research, but I don’t have the time before that Friday Flash postin’ […]

‘Farewell!’ Sang the stringent environmental protection laws

Long-term readers of this blog (hello mum etc.) may recall a whimsical science fantasy story I posted last December titled ‘Farewell!’ Sang the Swarm. It was a lightweight take on a very serious question that’s been puzzling many people around the world for some time: Colony Collapse Disorder. Whilst my take on CCD wasn’t too […]