Live: Baton Rouge / She Crazy / Crows-an-Wra / Lower Slaughter

Baton Rouge band photo

French post-hardcore, Brighton punk ‘n roll and charismatic Cornish screamo all in one small sweaty room. TL;DR: it was great.

Dolcim – We Carry the Fire (12″ LP)

We Carry the Fire opens with an extensive sample from the 1938 radio broadcast of Wells’ War of the Worlds; the excerpt concerns ground zero for the Martian invasion, the small town of Grover’s Mill. All but one of the other tracks on this record are named for persons, their age and occupation. The obvious assumption […]

We Were Skeletons – self-titled

Pennsylvania three-piece We Were Skeletons play frenetic, hectic, desperate, flailing, violent hardcore screamo – or, to put it in the band’s own terms, “mid-tempo choderock”. You know it. Looking at the band’s online presence it’s pretty obvious they don’t take themselves too seriously… yet listening to their tunes it’s clear where the band have invested […]

Pianos Become The Teeth – Old Pride

I don’t mean to blow my load too early in this here review, but Old Pride may be some of the finest screamo I’ve heard in a while. As the pastoral, old-timey cover suggests, Pianos Become The Teeth are from the dynamic and distraught school of emo rather than the full-on balls-out self-destructive side of things. […]