Nothington – Roads, Bridges and Ruins

San Francisco’s Nothington are one of those bands that have managed to pass me by for years, and then one day I idly check them out on MySpace and am blown away. I picked up their 2007 full-length debut All In last August-ish and it immediately leapt into regular rotation. Happily, it was then only […]

ATP Versus the Fans review up at The Dreaded Press

My mighty, meaty-in-the-metaphoric-sense review of ATP: The Fans Strike Back ’09 is now up at The Dreaded Press – direct link here. I think I made editor Paul Raven a leeetle jealous by getting to go… I’m going to shamelessly bump my blog’s appearance in search rankings and list every band I cover in the […]

fulangchangandi – self-titled EP

Hailing from London, fulangchangandi (that’s pronounced “foo-lang-chang-and-eye”, and is the name of a Frida Kahlo painting) are one of those bands you wish came along more often… and at the same time find difficult to write about. Why? Well, because they’re inventive and thus resist lazy comparisons. It’s fortunate – for me, fc&i, and anyone […]

“What did they do with the bodies?” – Defiance Ohio @ Cowley Club, Brighton

DEFIANCE, OHIO + Madeline + Jakal + Kelly Kemp Cowley Club, Brighton, 28th May 2009 It’s a while since I’ve been down to the Cowley Club – not since last time I tried to see Defiance, Ohio, in fact, on which occasion Brighton’s only radical social club was so packed they’d instituted a one-in one-out […]

Game Review: Race Pro (360)

Quit yawning at the back: turns out this serious racing simulator is actually fairly good fun. Go read my review if you’re inclined to find out why.

The Ergs – Anthem For A New Amanda mp3 download

Just over a week ago I reviewed The Ergs’ final single, That’s It… Bye. I didn’t post an accompanying MP3 as I wasn’t sure if it was okay to do so. I’ve since had confirmation that I can share ‘Anthem For A New Amanda’ with you. Enjoy!

Book review: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Ray Bradbury)

As noted in my 52 Books post, I recently finished reading Rad Bradbury’s classic gothic horror / coming of age adventure novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes. I just sent off my review to Vector’s editor, Dr. Kari Maund, so hopefully it will appear in print later this year. My review of Paul McAuley’s The […]

Demo review: The Silence + Truly Beautiful Disaster

A couple of months ago I was contacted by London masked electro duo Truly Beautiful Disaster and Brighton’s grungey alt rockers The Silence in the hopes of a bit of publicity (well, so I assume). I’m still figuring out my policy on reviewing demos or unsolicited submissions but I think it’ll be along the lines […]

Game review: Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen

My review of charming Ninty DS JRPG Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen has, as promised, gone live over at the Den. Since writing that review I’ve picked up a cheap copy of Lost Odyssey, probably the strongest and most universally appealing JRPG available for the Xbox 360. Thus far I’m finding it […]

Gig review: Fucked Up, Let’s Wrestle @ Brighton Freebutt

My review of Canadian hardcore punk outfit Fucked Up has gone live over at the Dreaded Press – check it out. That’s my first live music review in some time… I think since I wrote a short review of Zettasaur and others when I started this blog. Before that? Shitty student newspaper reviews, dating from […]