imadethismistake – Bow and Quiver

Straight up confession: I did not dig imadethismistake when I first heard them. On my first listens Bow and Quiver sounded like folky punk/alt-rock which lacked any of the ingredients necessary to hook me in.¬†Fortunately, because I do this for fun and don’t have to churn through reviews after one or less listens, I persevered, […]

Castevet – The Echo & the Light

My last review before Christmas, and happily it’s of one of my favourite records of 2010. I’ll have the usual year’s best round-up at some point, but for now why not treat yourself to a copy of Castevet’s The Echo & the Light as a stocking filler? So, Castevet burst into the consciousness of the […]

Grown Ups – More Songs

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Grown Ups, and it’s good to be able to say that with More Songs they’re even better than with the Songs EP. In fact, the four songs from the EP – ‘Surprise Party’, ‘Open Sesame’, ‘Orange Cat’ and ‘Three Day Weekend’ – are also present here, having been […]

Fake Problems – Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

Formed in 2005, Floridian folk-punk band Fake Problems released their first album in 2007. They’ve not been slack since then, following How Far Our Bodies Go with It’s Great To Be Alive in 2009. A year and a half on and here’s their latest offering, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape. Back in their early days […]

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – self-titled EP

It’s been irritating me for weeks: just who does Ghost Robot Ninja Bear vocalist Oscar Albis Rodriguez remind me of? So far I’ve only been able to prod my finger towards the vocal stylings of Propagandhi and No Use For A Name, and neither comparison holds much water. Goddamnit, who is it I’m thinking of? […]

Stegosaur – Adventure 7″

The excellently-named Stegosaur hail from San Antonio, Texas, and play tremulous indie power-pop with delicate¬†sensitivity and walloping distorted choruses. The Adventure 7″ boasts three such tracks. Opener ‘A Headache’ opens with simple palm-mutes and a tamborine underpinning the lines¬†“Strike a balance between mean and pop sensibility hoping the tracks that we chose keep the interest […]

Bull See Red – A Girl Called Murder

Hailing from Exeter, Bull See Red are a personable and energetic punk band who’ve apparently only been together for about a year and a half. ‘A Girl Called Murder’ is their debut mini album; it was originally released late last year on Lockjaw Records and it’s 8 tracks are an impressive collection of tunes. Musically […]

The End of the World (fest)

Holy folkpunk, Batman! US DIY punk label Plan-It-X Records is closing up shop. Apparently Chris Johnston “doesn’t want to be a dinosaur” running a label based on selling cheap CDs in an age when “CD sales are dropping like crazy”. Read the full story over at PunkNews, or wherever they picked it up from. The […]

The Offcuts – Flesh

Brighton’s Offcuts (disclaimer: my friends and some of my housemates) have finally released the video for their single ‘Flesh’ (warning: contains some graphic scenes of violence, gore and burgers): I say single, but it’s not been released as one. Maybe one day! Still, the video’s goddamn slick, huh?

Warren Oakes quits Against Me!

I don’t tend to post band news up here unless a band I really like splits up, but Warren – drummer with Against Me! for a good eight years – has just left the band. Or been fired, depending on whose version of events you read – follow that link for the statements. Sad times […]