Book Review: Nothing Nice To Say Vol. 2 (Mitch Clem)

Let me say this up front: I’m a big fan of Nothing Nice to Say, and I have been since about 2001 when I first came across the strip. It feels a little strange to say it but in many ways I’ve grown up with the strip. It’s been a substantial part of my experience […]

F3: We’re Never Going Home!

As promised, here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction. It’s unusually long; about 70 words over the 1k limit. I considered trimming a few sentences but, in the spirit of the subject matter, decided “fuck it”. The title, fact fans, is lifted from the best live/tour film you’ll ever see: Against Me!’s 2004 DVD We’re Never […]

Band Aid: The Gaslight Anthem

here’s a lot you can say about the Gaslight Anthem, but pretty much everything you will or won’t love about this band is going to be a personal response. This is as it should be: the Gaslight Anthem are an intensely personal band, their songs a musical love affair with life. Hell, there’s not much […]