Go Rydell – The Golden Age

It feels a little odd to be reviewing this record during the coldest few days Britain’s experienced this year (at least, I don’t remember January being this bad), with its summery youth crew vibe, warm and nostalgic cover art, and the fact that Go Rydell are lucky enough to hail from Orlando, Florida, but on […]

Bangers – Dude Trips

Dude Trips collects up all of Bangers’ recorded output as of earlier this year, including tunes from their splits with Dirty Tactics and Brighton’s own Break the Habit among others. There’s 10 songs in all from this gruff pop-punk three piece who hail from Falmouth (oops, sorry guys, for ages I thought you were from […]

Sainte Catherines – live at The Fest!

I’m trying something a bit different here – a live stream of Montreal punk band the Sainte Catherines playing at The Fest in Gainesville. Hopefully the embed code will work, and thanks to Erica of Yowie.com for alerting me to this. This post goes live at 8pm and the set will begin at 9pm GMT. […]

Banquets – This Is Our Concern, Dude (7″)

Apparently Banquets are named for a brand of beer, so I was going to open with a predictable joke about pissweak American lager. However, it turns out that the parent company of Coors (who make Coors Original, aka. “the Banquet Beer”) are also responsible for mid-range beers like Grolsch here in the UK. They’re also […]

RVIVR – Dirty Water EP

If it seems like just a few weeks have passed since I reviewed a record from an ex-Latterman outfit, that’s mainly because it was. And like Iron Chic, RVIVR are generating pop-punk tunes that are fun, catchy and warm… although lyrically RVIVR are more upbeat than the scathing outsider poetry of their counterparts. I was […]

The Holy Mess – Dismount

Review cliches: deployed! The Holy Mess play breakneck hardcore punk rock songs that mostly clock in at around the two minute-mark. The drums have that taut, somewhat flat sound that’s the style in a lot of of DIY hardcore punk. Forgive me if you don’t get what I mean; I know fuck all about drums. […]

Bastions – Island Living EP

A split release supported by UK scene stalwarts Holy Roar and new Brighton-based label Tangled Talk, this EP from Welsh hXc kids Bastions has all the hallmarks of quality contemporary hardcore: ferocity, rage, control and intensity, backed up with the songs to prove it. This is their first release via a label according to the […]

Iron Chic – Not Like This

Hey, I’m digging this! It’s another record self-released via Bandcamp for free/¬£voluntary download, and I’m liking it enough that I think I’ll fling a few bucks the way of Iron Chic. Okay, there’s nothing new here – this is fast-paced driving melodic punk rock and everyone knows that by this point just about everything you […]

Dirty Tactics – It Is What It is

A moment of serendipity: a couple of weeks ago I swung by a show to catch Welsh punk trio Bangers and also endded up seeing Philadelphia’s Dirty Tactics. Their intense, hard and melodic hardcore punk rock and varied songwriting impressed me and I bought their new album and split 7″ with Bangers. Two days later […]

The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits

At the beginning of the year I made hyperbolic noises about how great this band’s last EP was, and further how great their first album was. An album they wrote when they were eighteen, the lucky¬†foetus-faced bastards. And now here we are, three years on from the release of ‘A Lesson in the Abuse of […]