The Fucking Cops – Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP

From a name like The Fucked Cops you might expect a DIY hardcore punk ragefest, particularly when they release an EP under the name Fuck You Up With Some Truth. It’s very ‘speak truth to power’, huh? In fact what you get is a collection of melodic, hooky pop-punk and a bundle of contributions from […]

Cain Marko – At Sea

Huh. It turns out that Cain Marko is the real name of The X-Men’s Juggernaught. You know, the big dude who is pretty much unstoppable and was unconvincingly played by Vinnie Jones a few years back. It’s not exactly the reference I was expecting from the name of a band trading in big, buzzy anthemic […]

Wagers – New Guilt

Hailing from Brooklyn, Wagers play upbeat melodic punk rock – poppy and rich with simple hooks, but not blandly slick. New Guilt is, as far as I can see, their first record, and it’s a pretty solid release. The production strikes a good balance between polish and allowing the band’s faintly 70s fuzz enough room […]

Bangers – Small Pleasures

There are an awful lot of us banging on about Bangers these days. They tour themselves pretty hard and crop up on a lot of bills; to their credit, seeing them doesn’t get old. I last saw them supporting Iron Chic and reviewed the show here; last November I also reviewed their previous full-length, Dude […]

Man The Change – Weather the Storm (album)

I first heard about Brooklyn’s Man The Change via a PunkNews announcement about the band organising a Kickstarter project. If they got enough sponsors before March 13th they were going to use this to bankroll the pressing of the record on vinyl and send it out to their sponsors – along side other cool items. […]

Direct Hit! & Tit Patrol – split 7″

You may recall Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! from this review of their split with Mixtapes. You may also recall that they played rock-out cock-out anthemic melodic punk of the inherently catchy variety. Tit Patrol are a band I’ve not written about before; they hail from Delaware and occupy territory that’s not a million miles away from […]

After The Fall – Eradication (album)

Even after years of listening to and reviewing music it’s great that there are still little things that can surprise or impress me – like just how much sound and intensity can come out of a three-piece lineup. After The Fall (or Afterthefall?) hail from Albany in the state of New York, the capital city […]

Campaign – Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! (EP)

When I last reviewed Atlanta’s Campaign – all the way back in the heady days of last June, a time I’m sure we all remember fondly through the haze of distance and nostalgia – I noted that the five-piece were clearly intent on reliving the legacy of Gainesville heroes Hot Water Music and the other […]

Captain, We’re Sinking – With Joe Riley (EP)

It’s impossible to mention either Captain, We’re Sinking and the Menzingers (reviewed here) in the same sentence without acknowledging the tight relationship between the two bands. They not only share a hometown – Scranton, Pennsylvania – they also share a genuine bro-bond through the former’s Bobby Barnett and the latter’s Greg Barnett. Scranton isn’t a […]

The Great Explainer – The Way Things Swell (10″ EP)

The furrow ploughed by Gainesville’s Hot Water Music was wide and deep, and in their footsteps have followed a panoply of young bands inspired by the urgency and passion of their melodic post-hardcore. It seems obvious that The Great Explainer are among this host, counting Chuck Ragan and company among their influences, and with their debut […]