Live: Baton Rouge / She Crazy / Crows-an-Wra / Lower Slaughter

Baton Rouge band photo

French post-hardcore, Brighton punk ‘n roll and charismatic Cornish screamo all in one small sweaty room. TL;DR: it was great.

The Strange Times – I Love Cops (EP, 2014)

Strange Times feat

New York’s The Strange Times aren’t shy of sharing their mission statement. Their claimed intent is to “make the most relevant punk rock you’ve heard in decades.”

Acid Fast – Rabid Moon (album, 2014)

Acid Fast feat

Oakland’s Acid Fast recently released their first album, presumably to help me ring in the new year.

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part Two

Palace Pier fire

“It feels its hard, sharp, precise, ordered edges begin to warp and crack as they are assailed by this intolerably sloppy music.”

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part One

Palace Pier fire

“The light still creeps into her awareness, and she thinks nuclear bomb! Nuclear bomb! But there is no rush of air or fire or debris washing over her, just this bright, bright light.”

Lucida Console’s Dog Days – Vol. 1

A few weeks ago I was passed word of a recording of a tour diary, written by one member of Cornwall’s bangers (Hamish Adams, drums) and read by another (Roo Pescod, guitar/vox). It’s pretty cool. Back in 2010 bangers toured Europe with Philly’s Dirty Tactics (I caught the Brighton show which I think was only […]

The Dauntless Elite – More Bloody Bad News

It’s a pleasure to be coming back to the Dauntless Elite after so long. They’re a band I’ve always thought of fondly, but leafing back through my record collection I realise I’ve not actually heard anything from them since 2004’s Security? Apparently I’ve not picked up any of their records since then. I also remember […]

REALITY 86’d: Documentary of Black Flag final tour

REALITY 86’d from KICK TO KILL on Vimeo. There’s not a huge amount to say about this one; it’s an hour-long documentary following Black Flag on their final tour in 1986, including various pieces of live footage (you get ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Loose Nut’, ‘Drinking & Driving’ and ‘Louie Louie’), plus the same […]

Shellshock Rock: a humanistic record of the ’78/79 Belfast punk scene

Shellshock Rock is a punk rock documentary with an interesting history and provenance. Shot between 1978 and 1979, it’s a surprisingly affectionate record of the Belfast punk scene of the time. Now, it’s tricky for me to talk about this era with any degree of authenticity as I wasn’t born until ’82, but everything I’ve read […]

One Win Choice – Conveyor

A five-piece hailing from Philadelphia, One Win Choice won’t be winning prizes for breaking new ground. You’ve heard this before if you’ve listened to Strike Anywhere, Comeback Kid, Rise Against, Boysetsfire, and so on. Think throaty tough-edged melodic hardcore with a socio-political bent to the lyrics and you’re pretty much there. But the really pressing […]