United Sons of Toil – When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

Madison’s The United Sons of Toil contacted me with news of their latest record at what felt like a pivotal time in left politics in the US: the widespread strikes in the band’s home state of Wisconsin by public sector workers seeking to fight a bill that shamelessly stripped them of their livelihoods. To my […]

Social media & revolution

On Egypt: “The social media which is championed by those revolving door apparatchiks moving between the State Department and silicon valley (eg) is not organisation itself, but merely a means to it and, as it turns out, a dispensable means.” So quickly forgotten by well-intentioned, excitable futurists! Even among friends I’ve heard more excitable talk […]

The ENA’s pathetic showing in Brighton

Today’s appearance in Brighton by the racist English Nationalist Alliance only managed to muster what looked like about 30-odd people. It was hard to tell, concealed as they were behind huge lines of fluorescent jackets. I’d say that Sussex Police easily had three times as many officers as the ENA had attendees and that was […]

Fascists thrashed in Harrow

I didn’t catch this story unfolding on Friday night, but I did spot it on TV in a pub in London yesterday and what little I managed to gather looked positively heartwarming. Turns out those impressions were correct – the, uh, collective might of the fascist English Defence League was broken in Harrow, mainly thanks […]

This is not the end of movements

A website called Arthur Magazine brings us Douglas Rushkoff’s An End To Movements: “That’s right. Mass organization may just have been a twentieth century thing: collective actions of all sorts—good and bad—were responses to the corporatization of government and industy. As such, they took the form of the entities with whom they sought to do […]

Brighton’s Mass Street Party against war and greed

Brighton locals and other folks with their ear to the ground may have heard about Brighton’s own May Day protests and street celebrations this weekend. Well, the march is well underway, and by the sounds of it is slowly making progress towards EDO MBM’s offices, despite the best efforts of police to stop it. If […]

Collective punishment in Gaza

“We have been doing surgery around the clock. I just spoke to one of my colleagues … who had not been sleeping for three days and the hospital is completely overcrowded, we’re running six/seven ORs and there are injuries you just don’t want to see in this world. Children coming in with open abdomens and […]

March In The City for justice on bail-outs, pay and jobs

Via The Tomb: [T]here is to be a march in the City of London, starting at Mansion House station from 4pm on Friday 10th October, opposing bail-outs for the bankers and demanding that the government defend pay and jobs instead. As the seriousness of this crisis becomes ever more apparent, so does the ability of […]