Mixtapes – A Short Collection of Short Songs

You may remember Mixtapes from my review of their split with Milwaukee’s Direct Hit!, about which I said: “…the least convincing band rivalry since Radon burned that church down and Bad Religion wrote them a really stern letter.” Hey, go check out their joint video if that has you curious! So, since then the boys and girl in […]

The Haunted Continents – Loudest Year Ever (album)

One of my favourite things about reviewing American bands is that I get to look up where they’re from, and that fills out a tiny bit more of my knowledge about a geographically immense country which I’ve only visited a tiny part of. The Haunted Continents, for example, are from Connecticut, which I thought was […]

Sundials – First Six Songs EP

90s power-pop/college rock revivalism seems to be on a bit of an uptick at the moment with great bands like Cheap Girls and Failure’s Union rocking awesome melodic rock styles. I’m also occasionally reminded of Weezer… good old Weezer, not shit new Weezer, and with less irritatingly tweenie lyrics. Sundials are walking a similar path though they’ve […]

Stegosaur – Adventure 7″

The excellently-named Stegosaur hail from San Antonio, Texas, and play tremulous indie power-pop with delicate sensitivity and walloping distorted choruses. The Adventure 7″ boasts three such tracks. Opener ‘A Headache’ opens with simple palm-mutes and a tamborine underpinning the lines “Strike a balance between mean and pop sensibility hoping the tracks that we chose keep the interest […]