Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival 2011 – this weekend!

It’s the arse-end of May again and that means it’s time for another Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival, once again here in Brighton, once again at the Druid’s Arms by the Level, and once again playing host to a throng of post-rock, math and shoegaze bands from around the UK. Supposedly the good weather here […]

That Fucking Tank – Mr. Blood (video)

A quick Sunday treat for you: in anticipation of their gig here in Brighton on Tuesday I’ve been watching (and re-watching) the video for That Fucking Tank’s ‘Mr. Blood’, a song from an album I reviewed and liked a great deal. That was about a year and a half ago now and was written a […]

Pianos Become The Teeth – Old Pride

I don’t mean to blow my load too early in this here review, butĀ Old Pride may be some of the finest screamo I’ve heard in a while. As the pastoral, old-timey cover suggests, Pianos Become The Teeth are from the dynamic and distraught school of emo rather than the full-on balls-out self-destructive side of things. […]

Frontier(s) – The Plains b/w Radiomine

Louisville, Kentucky is a town I know by musical reputation and little else. It’s produced and been home to an impressive roster of bands over the years from Slint to the hardcore/metal acts I’m more familiar with like Black Cross, Breather Resist, Abscise and Sardaukar (okay, I mainly know the latter because of the Dune […]

fulangchangandi – self-titled EP

Hailing from London, fulangchangandi (that’s pronounced “foo-lang-chang-and-eye”, and is the name of a Frida Kahlo painting) are one of those bands you wish came along more often… and at the same time find difficult to write about. Why? Well, because they’re inventive and thus resist lazy comparisons. It’s fortunate – for me, fc&i, and anyone […]