Never Get Tired: the BTMI Story

Bomb the Music Industry

“An inescapably vital part of the Bomb The Music Industry! story lies in its ethics. These are substantially inspired by Fugazi and Ian Mackaye’s uncompromising efforts to create music and play for audiences in a framework detached from the exploitative commercial practices of the music industry…”

Mixtapes – A Short Collection of Short Songs

You may remember Mixtapes from my review of their split with Milwaukee’s Direct Hit!, about which I said: “…the least convincing band rivalry since Radon burned that church down and Bad Religion wrote them a really stern letter.” Hey, go check out their joint video if that has you curious! So, since then the boys and girl in […]

Bangers – Small Pleasures

There are an awful lot of us banging on about Bangers these days. They tour themselves pretty hard and crop up on a lot of bills; to their credit, seeing them doesn’t get old. I last saw them supporting Iron Chic and reviewed the show here; last November I also reviewed their previous full-length, Dude […]

Direct Hit! & Tit Patrol – split 7″

You may recall Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! from this review of their split with Mixtapes. You may also recall that they played rock-out cock-out anthemic melodic punk of the inherently catchy variety. Tit Patrol are a band I’ve not written about before; they hail from Delaware and occupy territory that’s not a million miles away from […]

RVIVR – Dirty Water EP

If it seems like just a few weeks have passed since I reviewed a record from an ex-Latterman outfit, that’s mainly because it was. And like Iron Chic, RVIVR are generating pop-punk tunes that are fun, catchy and warm… although lyrically RVIVR are more upbeat than the scathing outsider poetry of their counterparts. I was […]

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – self-titled EP

It’s been irritating me for weeks: just who does Ghost Robot Ninja Bear vocalist Oscar Albis Rodriguez remind me of? So far I’ve only been able to prod my finger towards the vocal stylings of Propagandhi and No Use For A Name, and neither comparison holds much water. Goddamnit, who is it I’m thinking of? […]

Junior Battles – self-titled 7″

Junior Battles are another recent discovery and another I’m really pleased to have been introduced to. Hailing from Toronto – home of Cancer Bats, Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck and the unstoppable Fucked Up among others – Junior Battles play irrepressible and infectious pop-punk that’s kinda 90s throwback in sound but doesn’t simply mimic what’s come […]