Election day, aka. vote for your ideals, or at least not Tory

Here’s the front cover of today’s miserable excuse for a collection of words and images, British wankrag The Sun: Piss off, you shower of miserable cunts. This is the most toe-curlingly embarrassing appropriation of Obama iconography I’ve yet seen. As though Cameron represents anything more than the triumph of PR over issues, of a shallow […]

This is not the end of movements

A website called Arthur Magazine brings us Douglas Rushkoff’s An End To Movements: “That’s right. Mass organization may just have been a twentieth century thing: collective actions of all sorts—good and bad—were responses to the corporatization of government and industy. As such, they took the form of the entities with whom they sought to do […]

The Crumbling Defence of the Indefensible

A recording of a debate between the Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Northwest, Akiva Tor, and a tenured professor at Cal State Stanislaus / visiting professor at UC Berkeley, As’ad AbuKhalil, who also blogs at the Angry Arab News Service. The quality of the audio is not great, but it will reward your focus […]

Form 696: “Live music is now a threat to the prevention of terrorism”

Via No Rock ‘n Roll Fun, this Guardian CiF article by Sunny Hundal discusses the racial profiling inherent in new police  powers under Form 696: I was, until recently, a regular at a monthly club night before the police suddenly started strictly enforcing ID checks. This wasn’t merely to ensure I was above the required […]