On games’ cultural status


That’s our simplistic view of this idea, “Oh, well, that’s what these high-status works are about. They are about serious topics and serious themes.”

On political violence

ForeignPolicy - Emmett Rensin - political violence

“It is easier to declare a moral prohibition on political violence when your children are not starving.”

On neo-anarchism

Mark Fisher

“There’s a strange implicit rule here: it’s OK to protest against what parliament has done, but it’s not alright to enter into parliament or the mass media to attempt to engineer change from there. […] Purism shades into fatalism; better not to be in any way tainted by the corruption of the mainstream, better to uselessly ‘resist’ than to risk getting your hands dirty.”

The new breed of disaster capitalist

There was a great interview with Greg Palast (the US investigative journalist and author of books like The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) on sensationalist British website Vice last week. In it Palast talked around vulture capitalists: the really short version of this thesis is that these guys buy up unpayable national debt and seize […]

Finally, an image of what Cameron’s “Big Society” will look like

The Orwellian online scheme was dreamt up by Devon company ‘Internet Eyes’. They want people to sign up and monitor multiple real-time CCTV feeds from shops and businesses – and then compete to correctly alert them of any perceived suspicious behaviour occurring. The most eagle-eyed snooper each month can win a £1000 prize. But beware! […]

Just sayin’ (you’re hypocrites (quelle surprise))

Hmm. April 2010: And sometime in 2009: Hmm. HMM.

John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Although it was originally released in 2004, and I bought it in 2005, it was only this year that I finally read this book – which courted some controversy when it originally shot up the bestseller lists. The short summary is that this purports to be an autobiography which focuses on some of the most […]

“this electoral morass”

. “The issue of the deficit and who pays for it is the single biggest issue in this electoral morass. There is nothing that comes close to how important this is for the City, for British capitalism, and for the future of welfare and public services in this country. It is in this light that […]

Election summaries: “oh, shit”

As per usual lenin has some good early analysis over at the Tomb which is well worth reading for those wondering where the left can go from here. Enemies of Reason also has a couple of good posts that nicely express the confusion and emotionally bipolar reactions most British people are probably feeling right now. […]

Exciting post-electoral scenes

I was at band practice last night, and opted not to stay up late following any election coverage as no one really knows what’s going on anyway. This morning I had to hurry into work whilst being accused by my landlord of taking a bottle of tomato food (I didn’t take his sodding tomato food), […]