Game Review: ObsCure II (PC)

My review of the PC port of ObsCure II, Hydravision’s 2007 horror survive-’em-up, is now online at Den of Geek. It’s replete with cheap shots, predictable “jokes” and dull analysis of stupid ideas – so quite a lot like the game itself! This is a sequel to 2004’s ObsCure, a multi-platform survival horror game that […]

Rewind the Grind: Putting the boot into the MMO

I’ve got another lengthy piece up at Den of Geek, this time taking some lumps out of the bloated, funny-smelling collective body of the mumorperger. I also recommend four in-development MMOGs that look tantalising, primarily because they’re offering something different. Well, Warhammer Online doesn’t seem to be promising anything particularly different, but fuck it. I’m […]

Game Review: Civilization Revolution

My review of Civilization Revolution has just gone up over at Den of Geek. As a long-time fan of Civilization I was really pleased to be able to review this, and I’m also glad that the game didn’t disappoint. If any of you pick up a copy of the game and fancy a match over […]