Your numbers are legion

Apparently September 2010 was Nostalgia For Infinity’s busiest month ever, with 2,500 unique hits over the course of the month. Cool! Thanks for visiting and reading, visitors and readers.


I’m feeling a bit disheartened about the blogging thing at the moment so there’ll be no new posts for a bit, apart from one or two that have been queued up for a while. I’ll be back, though, got a load of notes on a bunch of things that I’ll turn into reviews at some […]

In which I court controversy and include keywords in a naked attempt to bump my hitcount

Fall Out Boy fuckin’ suck! Pete Wentz is an asshole! Yeah, right on! The Atheist Bus Campaign is only marginally less stupid and pointlessly confrontational than the Christian counter-campaigns. Seriously, now, no one ever made religion disappear through shouting at it. If you want to bring about your lovely secular society then adopt the only […]