I’m on holiday!

Yep, between June 12th and 27th I am away on holiday so if you email, leave comments etcetera expect to wait a while for a response. Especially because I’m straight back to work when I return and will be jetlagged, overworked and stressed to uberfuckery for at least a few days. However I’ve also racked […]

Quick NFI-flavoured update

Chock full of additives and artificial flavourings: Nostalgia For Infinity! I’ve started posting the occasional piece on Saturdays in addition to the usual Tuesday/Thursday review schedule and Sunday link round-up. I’ve got a buffer of two months of reviews now and have decided to step up my posting schedule. There are a few reasons for […]

Something original and unique or completely horrible

I didn’t know people reviewed blogs, but apparently they do! A reader has reviewed me on Scribnia: Shaun Green manages to put literature, gaming, punk Rock all together to somehow turn this into a blog. It hosts or points at his fiction, book, music, game, film reviews, info about his musical projects, and other general […]

No linkfest this week…

My Postalicious install has broken itself somehow and I don’t have time to figure it out. Curse you, PHP or something!

2008’s most popular posts

A bit of WordPress blogstat geekery: I’ve been looking at the posts that have proven most popular over the past year. Predictably, It’s post-a-rejection-letter Friday! is sitting pretty at the top by a wide margin: 1,056 views. This just goes to show that cheeky responses to blogosphere teacup-storms are always good. I was at first […]