A Year in Music: Shaun’s best of 2008

I’m not going to pretend these are the best records of 2008. I’ve only heard a tiny fraction of what’s come out, and I listen for pleasure – not to pick out something unique, evolutionary, or a “generational lightning rod” (source: the Observer, predictably). No doubt next year I’ll hear something I missed that will […]

A Year in Music: the best of 2008, elsewhere

Many of us have our personal best-ofs for the year that has passed but it’s always interesting to see what others thought, be they friends or critical/commercial venues. Personally, I’m always impressed by how I seemingly bought completely different records to everyone else. Anyhow, for fellow music nerds here’s a collection of such round-ups…

Scout’s Honor (2002-2008)

Via PunkNews comes word that US hardcore/country act Scout’s Honor have split up. Apparently they toured Europe one year, but I never had the privilege of seeing them play. Despite that I was a big fan of the band – there was something a little bit special about the band. They weren’t great, but they […]

WRECKTHEPLACEFANTASTIC debut show – Fri 28th Nov.

My band, Wrecktheplacefantastic, has its first gig next Friday 28th November. In case you don’t know the lineup, it’s Ben on lead guitar and vox, myself on rhythm guitar and shouting, Jake on bass guitar and screaming, and Fran on drums and not making vocal chordy noises. We play slightly punky melodic rock music – […]

Free compilations a go-go

Quite a few free mp3 compilations have sprung up online recently, so I thought I’d gather together the links to some of them. First up is from No Idea Records – the next in a now-traditional series, it’s THE FEST 7 comp with 34 tracks from some of the bands who played this year. Sniff. […]

F3: Carried Out to the Sea

Here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction: enjoy! I think it’s thematically a bit too similar to We’re Never Going Home! I’m a bit too caught up in the musical side of my life right now for much else to penetrate; so it goes. Oh, and my good friend Greg H may be joining the F3 […]

And it’ll burn, burn, burn, like we did to the back catalogue

Via Paul Raven comes a meme with a veneer of respectability… okay, no, it’s as silly as all the rest of ’em, but why not let’s have some fun, hey? Besides, it’s not like I have real content at the moment. The rules are simple: Choose a singer/band/group Answer using ONLY titles of songs by […]

Band Aid: Smalltown America Blogcast #3

Okay, this isn’t a band but it’s my blog and I’ll deviate if I want to. My friend Daniel over at DIY label Smalltown America recently put together Public Service Blogcast Episode 3, which features tunes by Let Our Enemies Beware, Laura Wolf (I still want to meet her, Dan!), the Retro Spankees, Tubelord, 4 […]

We Are Drunken Idiots

Just to prove that I really do have a band, here’s a stupid video of us being drunk and not taking that whole “musicianship” bullshit seriously at practice. By this point our bassist was steaming drunk, our drummer had broken the edge, and I’d broken all my strings. Fortunately you can’t hear what we were […]