Save the Freebutt

This news broke last Wednesday but I’ve been busy recently and so I’m only writing about it now! One of Brighton’s longest-running venues, the Freebutt, is under threat of closure as a result of a noise complaint and subsequent Environmental Health Office investigation. As I put it on Facebook: Many of you will have seen […]

Boy Mandeville – Christina b/w Raisin Snake 7″

A barely-tangential preamble: I’ve been prodding Uncle Google and Auntie Wikipedia today in an effort to figure out exactly where Boy Mandeville got their name. Thus far my favourite guesses involve the absurd London 2012 mascots and Bernard Mandeville, a Dutch/English philosopher famous for ‘The Fable of the Bees’, a tweely-titled book containing a poem […]

The Offcuts vs. WW2 vs. Dinosaurs

In late 2009, one of my favourite hardcore punk outfits in Brighton called it a day: the Offcuts. In the interest of full disclosure I should probably mention that I’ve been friends with the band for years and have lived with most of them at various addresses! Essentially, the band ended when Alex (bass) decided […]

Walking on Sunshine

If you’d like to hear masterful Toronto-based hardcore hardcore experimentalists Fucked Up covering Katrina & the Waves’ 1980s hit ‘Walking on Sunshine’, I suggest you click here.

MP3 blogs

Just a quick post to point at a couple of mp3 blogs that I think are pretty cool and you might want to check out. If you’ve got some favourites, feel free to share ’em in the comments. Note – none of these are blogs that are likely to post high-profile releases. They’re more about […]

Stuff I Won’t Hate

I’ve lately become a little obsessed with the pop culture junkie blog Stuff You Will Hate, which is mostly written by some of the guys from Metal Inquisition and some teenage scene girls. You’d be right in thinking that this is not something that would traditionally be up my proverbial alley and you’d be spot […]


Time for another untimely update about my band, Wrecktheplacefantastic. I’ve not posted about us since January, when we played the first show that we were happy with and got reviewed. Since then we’ve played a bunch more gigs including a Haiti benefit all-dayer, a show supporting Ninja Gun, Break the Habit and┬áJust Panic, and a […]

M.I.A. – Born Free

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo. Brilliant, horrifying video.

Science fiction muzik

Gimmicky but cool. No doubt somewhere out there a Hollywood futurist is working out how to drop something similar into the background of a near-future thriller. (If only more science fiction writers could capture the faddish yet creative nature of popular music and performance aesthetics half as well as incidental detail in big-budget film regularly […]

Eric Grubbs – Post: A Look at the Influences of Post-Hardcore 1985-2007

Books on music can be a funny thing. The old saying that writing about music is like dancing about architecture holds as true with the long form as it ever does (by which I mean, shut up, I will write about music as much as I like). This leaves authors a few options: to focus […]