Review: Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Signal to Noise cover

“In contrast to mixtapes, Signal To Noise doesn’t rely on referencing songs and musicians to provide its emotional texture. Its characters are full of life, with all the contradictory twists and turns life implies.”

Dissociates – Kick and Shove (video)

So as we all know, because I mention it every six weeks or so, and because it’s on the submissions page which everyone obviously reads before adding my email address to their mailing lists, I don’t do press releases or puff pieces. What I do, or what I used to do before I ran out […]

A random assortment of NFI’s favourite records of 2011 (Pt. 3)

So in parts 1 and 2 I listed a bunch of stuff that I liked. In part 3 I will reveal my actual favourite record(s) of the year, and run through some of the other releases that almostmaybecoulda made it into the main attraction…

A random assortment of NFI’s favourite records of 2011 (Pt. 2)

In part 1 I wrote about a bunch of my favourite records from last year. Well, here are a bunch more. They are still not in any particular order and I wouldn’t rate the following above or below the ones you read about yesterday. I am only playing favourites in a very general sense. Tomorrow, […]

A random assortment of NFI’s favourite records of 2011 (Pt. 1)

Once again I won’t even try to pretend that this is an objective list of any kind. Hell, even out of the shit I like I would probably have written a different list towards the end of December, or if I’d left it another few weeks. Still, here’s a round-up of my favourite twenty records […]


Friday music streamage

Thank fuck it’s Friday. For your listening pleasure, head to Banner Pilot’s bandcamp page to listen to a stream of their wholly re-mastered 2008 album Resignation Day. It’s totally awesome; previously I felt that it didn’t hold a candle to 2009’s Collapser but with some canny production work it’s every bit as good. Not to […]

Come On Gang – Fortune Favours the Brave (single)

Come On Gang hail “variously from Brighton, Hastings and the Scottish Borders”, which must make practices a bitch! Ha ha ha. So they all live in Edinburgh now, which is a shame since I live in Brighton and now they”re at the wrong end of the UK for me. Playing dancey pop music can be […]

Save the Freebutt

This news broke last Wednesday but I’ve been busy recently and so I’m only writing about it now! One of Brighton’s longest-running venues, the Freebutt, is under threat of closure as a result of a noise complaint and subsequent Environmental Health Office investigation. As I put it on Facebook: Many of you will have seen […]

Boy Mandeville – Christina b/w Raisin Snake 7″

A barely-tangential preamble: I’ve been prodding Uncle Google and Auntie Wikipedia today in an effort to figure out exactly where Boy Mandeville got their name. Thus far my favourite guesses involve the absurd London 2012 mascots and Bernard Mandeville, a Dutch/English philosopher famous for ‘The Fable of the Bees’, a tweely-titled book containing a poem […]