Wrecktheplacefantastic live review

We seem to have been reviewed over at my friend Fran’s new music blog, Between the Music & Me. Possibly a bit nepotistic as she used to drum for us and is friends with the two original members of the band, but she’s no bullshitter and notes she was “very pleased I didn’t have to […]

Offset festival – Day 2

(I reviewed the first day of Offset way back in September, but the other half of the review got delayed for familiar reasons. Here’s a vague round-up of who we saw on the Sunday and, er, who we didn’t. Disclaimer: my festival reviews are always kind of vague and anecdotal. I’m there to have fun, […]

Off to Offset! Day 1 review

I moved away from Essex eight years ago and as good as swore to never return. Grr! Place of teenage upbringing! Shitty county full of yuppie values I do not share! Source of much angst and rage! Of course I’ve been back there since, albeit for the stag do and later wedding of a close […]

That Fucking Tank – Tanknology

Every so often you will hear a band that delivers such a powerful kick to your teeth you don’t care about anything else but that band for a week. Ladies and gentlemen, That Fucking Tank. It’s a bit of a travesty that I hadn’t heard That Fucking Tank before about a month ago. I’ve been […]

ATP Versus the Fans review up at The Dreaded Press

My mighty, meaty-in-the-metaphoric-sense review of ATP: The Fans Strike Back ’09 is now up at The Dreaded Press – direct link here. I think I made editor Paul Raven a leeetle jealous by getting to go… I’m going to shamelessly bump my blog’s appearance in search rankings and list every band I cover in the […]

fulangchangandi – self-titled EP

Hailing from London, fulangchangandi (that’s pronounced “foo-lang-chang-and-eye”, and is the name of a Frida Kahlo painting) are one of those bands you wish came along more often… and at the same time find difficult to write about. Why? Well, because they’re inventive and thus resist lazy comparisons. It’s fortunate – for me, fc&i, and anyone […]