Bangers – Small Pleasures

There are an awful lot of us banging on about Bangers these days. They tour themselves pretty hard and crop up on a lot of bills; to their credit, seeing them doesn’t get old. I last saw them supporting Iron Chic and reviewed the show here; last November I also reviewed their previous full-length, Dude […]

The Winter Olympics – I Miss the 90s b/w This is the Fourth Time (I Have Been In Your House)

The problem with really overt pop-cultural nostalgia is that it’s really easy to be accused of cynical populism. In fact, is there anything more cynical and populist than reminding people of all that shit, that cultural detritus, the forgotten mass produce of capitalism that we once cluttered up our lives with? It was abandoned and […]

Carpenter – Sea to Sky (album)

Carpenter are from Vancouver and their line-up includes alumni of All State Champion, By a Thread and Daggermouth. I only know of the latter myself, mainly from seeing them mentioned on PunkNews and wondering if their name was a Family Guy reference. Funny story huh? But then I guess making jokes about The Carpenters is way more […]

Lights At Sea – Palace Walls (album)

Lights At Sea are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a town which also plays host to instrumental duo Charles the Osprey (reviewed last year) and Ghost Heart (reviewed a few weeks ago). I guess they dig their post-rock and ambient music there because Lights At Sea play – you guessed it – ambient post-rock in […]

Colly Strings – Take a Good Look (digital single)

A free digital single, no less, which you can download from MusicGlue by clicking here. As to why you should bother taking a good look at ‘Take A Good Look’: if you’ve a thing for catchy, poppy indie rock you may find this will appeal to you. The chorus features some effective hooks, evoking a […]

Man The Change – Weather the Storm (album)

I first heard about Brooklyn’s Man The Change via a PunkNews announcement about the band organising a Kickstarter project. If they got enough sponsors before March 13th they were going to use this to bankroll the pressing of the record on vinyl and send it out to their sponsors – along side other cool items. […]

The Haunted Continents – Loudest Year Ever (album)

One of my favourite things about reviewing American bands is that I get to look up where they’re from, and that fills out a tiny bit more of my knowledge about a geographically immense country which I’ve only visited a tiny part of. The Haunted Continents, for example, are from Connecticut, which I thought was […]

Yngve & The Innocent – Draw a Line (single)

Yngve & The Innocent (can I pluralise that? Are the rest of the band Innocents? Answers on a postcard) have been busy. Towards the end of 2010 they released the Nothing Was Delivered EP – reviewed here – and now we have this double single. Nominally the single is ‘Draw A Line’, but I think […]

Ghost Heart – The Tunnel (album)

The old adage about writing about music being akin to dancing about architecture is a difficult one to argue against, at least in part because music is an art form which depends so much upon the emotional response of the listener. This in itself depends greatly upon a range of factors such as the mood […]

Direct Hit! & Tit Patrol – split 7″

You may recall Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! from this review of their split with Mixtapes. You may also recall that they played rock-out cock-out anthemic melodic punk of the inherently catchy variety. Tit Patrol are a band I’ve not written about before; they hail from Delaware and occupy territory that’s not a million miles away from […]