The Great Explainer – The Way Things Swell (10″ EP)

The furrow ploughed by Gainesville’s Hot Water Music was wide and deep, and in their footsteps have followed a panoply of young bands inspired by the urgency and passion of their melodic post-hardcore. It seems obvious that┬áThe Great Explainer are among this host, counting Chuck Ragan and company among their influences, and with their debut […]

Go Rydell – The Golden Age

It feels a little odd to be reviewing this record during the coldest few days Britain’s experienced this year (at least, I don’t remember January being this bad), with its summery youth crew vibe, warm and nostalgic cover art, and the fact that Go Rydell are lucky enough to hail from Orlando, Florida, but on […]

Museum Mouth – Tears in my Beer

Ah, sweet nostalgia, stock in trade of many a band. North Carolina’s┬áMuseum Mouth are a three-piece outfit coupling low-key personal lyrics with fuzzed-out lo-fi indie/punk rock. The lyrics are a real strong point although when read they don’t stand out; it’s in their musical context that they work. A poetry of the little things, small […]

Jackals – self-titled (7″ EP)

According to the short blurb I have here, Jackals play powerviolence. And before I go any further, let’s acknowledge that subgenres of a subgenre like powerviolence aren’t categories or pigeonholes so much as they are useful descriptors, a short-hand to try and trace the influences and heritage of sound that leads to any given band, […]

Let’s Talk Daggers – Blankets

Eastbourne is a bit of a punchline of a town, a place mostly remarked upon as a retirement destination or the butt of cruel jokes about council housing tenants. The thing about quiet little out-of-the-way towns that aren’t known for producing much of interest, is that every so often they do produce something really interesting. […]

Young Adults – Black Hole

Writing PR emails to solicit reviews must be a tricky art, striking a balance between a variety of factors like wanting to appear professional but not hopelessly businesslike; personal enough to make a connection with the prospective reviewer but not so falsely chummy as to put them off; and so on. Or you could just […]

The Border Surrender – Oh Mary (single)

A real short review for you all today, courtesy of the Border Surrender and their new single ‘Oh Mary’. It’s all a-side, in that there’s no b-side. None at all! Fortunately the four minutes of ‘Oh Mary’ stand up perfectly well on their own. The London four-piece construct an elaborate song that builds up and […]

Mixtapes / Direct Hit! – split 7″

Today, a quick review! Here’s a split 7″ with a fun, semi-traditional punk rock premise: two bands, two songs, one of the two songs being an original tune of their own, and the other being a cover of the second band’s original tune. Pow! So two different versions of the same two songs for your […]

Grown Ups – More Songs

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Grown Ups, and it’s good to be able to say that with More Songs they’re even better than with the Songs EP. In fact, the four songs from the EP – ‘Surprise Party’, ‘Open Sesame’, ‘Orange Cat’ and ‘Three Day Weekend’ – are also present here, having been […]

Charles the Osprey – Consider

There’s an amusing anecdote in the press release I was sent for Charles the Osprey’s Consider, and although normally quoting directly from a press release would be complete anathema to me, I’m going to share this: Charles the Osprey’s moment of infamy was brief and bittersweet. After a show early into the band’s tenure as […]