Victoria & Jacob – ‘Clash’

I’ve been sent a sample song by Victoria & Jacob, another boy-girl electro duo making charming indie pop. ‘Clash’ is from their ’08 EP Super Computer, and it’s a lo-fi tune based around a warm synth melody and acoustic guitar picking, which as it builds steadily introduces more samples and what seems to be a […]

Free compilation: Nostalgia For Now, ’08-’09

Today I’m rad stoked to bring you a delicious musicey treat: a download compilation featuring 21 tracks from 2008 and 2009 that I think are rad awesome. You can download it here (100mb), in a ZIP archive that also contains liner notes; a list of the tracks, artists and the album each song is taken […]

The Ergs – Anthem For A New Amanda mp3 download

Just over a week ago I reviewed The Ergs’ final single, That’s It… Bye. I didn’t post an accompanying MP3 as I wasn’t sure if it was okay to do so. I’ve since had confirmation that I can share ‘Anthem For A New Amanda’ with you. Enjoy!