Tigon / Canyons / Foreign Theatres – Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice split 12″

As a concept, Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice is pretty damn cool. It’s a three-way collaboration between three bands – Missouri’s Canyons and Foreign Theatres, San Francisco’s Tigon – and three labels, The Ghost is Clear, Melotov and Mayfly. As a record, it’s a bit uneven; there are clear strengths and weaknesses. This might well be […]

Hang the Bastard – Hellfire Reign

According to the short biog on their label’s website, Hang the Bastard “sound like Eyehategod, Electric Wizard and Sabbath learning Slayer riffs whilst listening to Integrity and Ringworm“. Alas, I’ve never listened to Electric Wizard, never heard of Ringworm, am only passingly familiar with Eyehategod and Integrity, and don’t care for Slayer – although I […]

Deftones – Diamond Eyes

For a few years after the release of the seminal White Pony in 2000, the Deftones were one of my favourite bands and could do no wrong. Then, inexplicably, they dropped off my radar and I failed to pay any attention to what they were doing – right up until 2008, when bassist Chi Cheng […]

Throats – self-titled

Collected via the Throatsofgold club, I have this record in grey vinyl (only 50 copies in the UK) as well as a limited CD edition (200 available) and the regular and promo CD releases. Yes, I’m boasting about this. I don’t normally go in for limited edition stuff and I am definitely not the sort […]