Mixtapes – A Short Collection of Short Songs

You may remember Mixtapes from my review of their split with Milwaukee’s Direct Hit!, about which I said: “…the least convincing band rivalry since Radon burned that church down and Bad Religion wrote them a really stern letter.” Hey, go check out their joint video if that has you curious! So, since then the boys and girl in […]

NextBiggestThing – Francobollo & Bronze Medallists

Another few months pass, another few tracks come our way courtesy of Next Biggest Thing. I wrote a cursory review of Why Why Peaches‘ ‘Holes’ back in April, and now here’s a double whammy – May brought us Francobollo’s ‘Try?’ and June offers forth Bronze Medallists’ ‘Mathematics’. ‘Try?’ is a quirky track, throwing a fuzzy, stamping […]

Annabel – Here We Are Tomorrow (EP)

When Here We Are Tomorrow first came to me for review I had a strong sensation that I’d heard Annabel before. Although I think this wasn’t the case, and I was actually suffering from a bit of ‘music geek’s name confusion’ and thinking of Annalise, alongside recognising their name from their record labels websites, I […]

Boy Mandeville – Mo Skrib EP

Long-term readers of Nostalgia For Infinity may remember London’s Boy Mandeville from last June when I reviewed their single, Christina/Raisin Snake. The four-piece have now returned with a self-released 4-track EP, titled Mo Skrib. What’s the title a reference to? Buggered if I know: I’ve got no theories this time around. Anyway, the songs on […]

Into It. Over It & Pswingset – split 7″

This is the second of two Into It. Over It split releases I’ve reviewed this week; you can find the first review here. At the start of that review I riffed a little on the slightly daft names the two bands had. Well, Pswingset are upholding that tradition in their own way: the “P” in […]

Mountains For Clouds – Some People Buy Scenery Like This (EP)

Chicago-based three-piece Mountains for Clouds are a good band to listen to after a hard day at work and an evening spent writing, and you can trust that I’m speaking from experience there. This, as far as I know, is the first EP from the outfit although they did previously play together under the less […]

Football, Etc. – Away Game 7″

Just a quick review for you today, of Midwest indie/emo rockers Football, Etc. The Away Game 7″ came out last September and has recently made its way to me. For context, think back to latter-day emo – after the initial wave of frenetic, chaotic outfits, around the time in the mid-90s when the mellower end […]

Castevet – The Echo & the Light

My last review before Christmas, and happily it’s of one of my favourite records of 2010. I’ll have the usual year’s best round-up at some point, but for now why not treat yourself to a copy of Castevet’s The Echo & the Light as a stocking filler? So, Castevet burst into the consciousness of the […]

Museum Mouth – Tears in my Beer

Ah, sweet nostalgia, stock in trade of many a band. North Carolina’s Museum Mouth are a three-piece outfit coupling low-key personal lyrics with fuzzed-out lo-fi indie/punk rock. The lyrics are a real strong point although when read they don’t stand out; it’s in their musical context that they work. A poetry of the little things, small […]

Frontier(s) – The Plains b/w Radiomine

Louisville, Kentucky is a town I know by musical reputation and little else. It’s produced and been home to an impressive roster of bands over the years from Slint to the hardcore/metal acts I’m more familiar with like Black Cross, Breather Resist, Abscise and Sardaukar (okay, I mainly know the latter because of the Dune […]