SWTHRT – Compact Disc

Late last year I reviewed Tears in my Beer, an album from the lo-fi band Museum Mouth. Band member Karl Kuehn is a busy man; Museum Mouth remain a going concern but he is also collaborating with keyboardist Becca High as SWTHRT. Compact Disc is the result. Stylistically the two projects are highly distinct, although […]

The Plurals – The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective

Apparently The Plurals have been pushing their brand of noise-pop — dubbed “post-fun” by the band — since about 2004. From the info online I’ve got no idea how many records they’ve released. A whole bunch of EPs according to last.fm. I’m not sure whether The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective is a […]

Plantagenet 3 – Modern Myths and Fairy Tales

There’s something about instrumental bands and three-pieces; I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps more members than that tends to clutter things. And clutter is something that London’s Plantagenet 3 eschew: their spare, minimalist compositions are clean and precise, though they lean towards fluidity rather than the starkness of math-rock. On early listens I found […]

Wagers – New Guilt

Hailing from Brooklyn, Wagers play upbeat melodic punk rock – poppy and rich with simple hooks, but not blandly slick. New Guilt is, as far as I can see, their first record, and it’s a pretty solid release. The production strikes a good balance between polish and allowing the band’s faintly 70s fuzz enough room […]

Colly Strings – Take a Good Look (digital single)

A free digital single, no less, which you can download from MusicGlue by clicking here. As to why you should bother taking a good look at ‘Take A Good Look’: if you’ve a thing for catchy, poppy indie rock you may find this will appeal to you. The chorus features some effective hooks, evoking a […]

Talons – Hollow Realm (album)

Released in the UK by Big Scary Monsters last November, and in the US by Topshelf Records in January, Hollow Realm is the debut album from the Hereford sextet Talons. You may remember Hereford from, er, the Pretenders and Mott the Hoople. I’m pleased to say that things have moved on a little since then. […]

Stegosaur – Adventure 7″

The excellently-named Stegosaur hail from San Antonio, Texas, and play tremulous indie power-pop with delicate sensitivity and walloping distorted choruses. The Adventure 7″ boasts three such tracks. Opener ‘A Headache’ opens with simple palm-mutes and a tamborine underpinning the lines “Strike a balance between mean and pop sensibility hoping the tracks that we chose keep the interest […]