Come On Gang! – Strike A Match (album)

I’ve previously written about Fortune Favours the Brave, a free single from this album which was released last September, describing it as an uplifting and earworm-hooky piece of indie-pop that should’ve been a dancefloor hit. I’ve rarely got the patience for clubs these days so I don’t know how accurate that prediction turned out to […]

Brontosaurus Chorus – Owls

A slightly embarrassing but amusing anecdote: when I received this for review I got Brontosaurus Chorus confused with Jacob Borshard, because I was introduced to both by the same person at around the same time, and Borshard has a song titled ‘The Last Brontosaurus’. If you’ve heard both bands / artists you’ll recognise how daft this is, since […]

Come On Gang – Fortune Favours the Brave (single)

Come On Gang hail “variously from Brighton, Hastings and the Scottish Borders”, which must make practices a bitch! Ha ha ha. So they all live in Edinburgh now, which is a shame since I live in Brighton and now they”re at the wrong end of the UK for me. Playing dancey pop music can be […]

Boy Mandeville – Christina b/w Raisin Snake 7″

A barely-tangential preamble: I’ve been prodding Uncle Google and Auntie Wikipedia today in an effort to figure out exactly where Boy Mandeville got their name. Thus far my favourite guesses involve the absurd London 2012 mascots and Bernard Mandeville, a Dutch/English philosopher famous for ‘The Fable of the Bees’, a tweely-titled book containing a poem […]