Time Fcuk (PC/web/Flash)

Time Fcuk, aka Time Cufk, aka Time Kucf, aka etcetera, is a Flash game that originally came out last September on Newgrounds. It’s creators are Edmund McMillen (author – also behind indie titles like Super Meat Boy, Gish and many more), William Good (programmer – has worked on a number of other games I’m not […]

The Terrible Whiteness of Appalachian Nights

I was hoping to have my review of Four Lions finished today, but at the moment it’s still just a bunch of notes and half-baked ideas. So, instead, here’s a short review of something I played t’other day. The Terrible Whiteness of Appalachian Nights is a web-based indie game from increpare games, a one man […]

Half-hearted Wednesday post (actually, good news about indie gaming)

Some radspiffy news over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Some indie games make a lot of money. Most don’t. Worse, many never even get off the ground because they have no funding. The freshly-announced Indie Fund means to change that – it’s an angel investment group set up by some of independent gaming’s greatest current luminaries […]

Masters of Time and 2D Space

Like every other bugger who pays attention to what’s going on in indie gaming I recently tried out Braid, the time-fucking 2D platformer by independent developer Jonathan Blow. It’s currently only available on Xbox Live (at 1200 points, which in real money is about a tenner) but a Windows version is set to follow later […]