The Old Choir (2008)

Bible in Sanskrit

“He began to scream for help, for forgiveness, for mercy, for everything he could think of, until his lungs were raw and empty of air.”

In the Night (2006)


“We know they first came for us three nights ago, although we can no longer distinguish between night and day without aid of a watch. None of us ever actually saw the things that came.”

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part Two

Palace Pier fire

“It feels its hard, sharp, precise, ordered edges begin to warp and crack as they are assailed by this intolerably sloppy music.”

Brighton After the Bomb (2008): Part One

Palace Pier fire

“The light still creeps into her awareness, and she thinks nuclear bomb! Nuclear bomb! But there is no rush of air or fire or debris washing over her, just this bright, bright light.”

S L Grey – The Mall review

The Mall cover

“Leading duo Rhoda and Dan are less heroic than most. The former has lost a child in the mall whilst scoring coke, and the latter is a socially and emotionally stunted miseryguts who despises his job. Events fling this unwilling pair of misanthropes together in pursuit of the child Rhoda has lost.”

Gary McMahon – The Concrete Grove review

As I sit down to write this review in mid-August, 2011, the riots that have erupted across Britain over the past week have begun to subside, the energies that drove them dissipating in the face of a coherent police response and that most British of demotivators, the weather. But the anger, social exclusion, vanishing economic […]

Pontypool (2009)

Well, here’s something I’ve been meaning to write for about five months.┬áThe film Pontypool is pretty old news now: I originally heard about it in early 2010 due to its appearance on a ‘Best Horror of 2009’ list, and its original theatrical release was almost two years ago. Question of timeliness aside, I think Pontypool […]

Triangle (2009)

This isn’t really a review so much as a “Wot I Think” – a quick run-through of some half-developed ideas and reasons why I liked or didn’t like this film. I’ve been arguing with a few friends about this movie and figured I may as well appropriate this argument for Great Justice, i.e. a post […]

Rebecca Levene – Tomes of the Dead: Anno Mortis

It’s a while since I reviewed anything from British genre publisher Abaddon Books (see here), and indeed since I read anything from them. I’ve got a certain measure of admiration for what they’re trying to accomplish but the fiction I’d read from them to date had not exactly blown me away. However, I didn’t count […]

Book Review: Steven Deighan & Terry Cooper – Feels Like Stephen King

Steven Deighan has been plugging away in the indie horror scene for almost a decade now, and published his first collection in 2006 (which I reviewed for now-defunct site Yet Another Book Review). It was a promising if unpolished set of stories and I felt it was worth keeping an eye on Deighan’s work. Now, […]