The City’s gone: on New Weird’s history

Big Echo

“This was quite a surprise to me. It was also something of an “oh, fuck” moment.”

Shellshock Rock: a humanistic record of the ’78/79 Belfast punk scene

Shellshock RockĀ is a punk rock documentary with an interesting history and provenance. Shot between 1978 and 1979, it’s a surprisingly affectionate record of the Belfast punk scene of the time. Now, it’s tricky for me to talk about this era with any degree of authenticity as I wasn’t born until ’82, but everything I’ve read […]

The Crumbling Defence of the Indefensible

A recording of a debate between the Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Northwest, Akiva Tor, and a tenured professor at Cal State Stanislaus / visiting professor at UC Berkeley, As’ad AbuKhalil, who also blogs at the Angry Arab News Service. The quality of the audio is not great, but it will reward your focus […]