The Holy Mess – Dismount

Review cliches: deployed! The Holy Mess play breakneck hardcore punk rock songs that mostly clock in at around the two minute-mark. The drums have that taut, somewhat flat sound that’s the style in a lot of of DIY hardcore punk. Forgive me if you don’t get what I mean; I know fuck all about drums. […]

Bastions – Island Living EP

A split release supported by UK scene stalwarts Holy Roar and new Brighton-based label Tangled Talk, this EP from Welsh hXc kids Bastions has all the hallmarks of quality contemporary hardcore: ferocity, rage, control and intensity, backed up with the songs to prove it. This is their first release via a label according to the […]

Walking on Sunshine

If you’d like to hear masterful Toronto-based hardcore hardcore experimentalists Fucked Up covering Katrina & the Waves’ 1980s hit ‘Walking on Sunshine’, I suggest you click here.

Throats – self-titled

Collected via the Throatsofgold club, I have this record in grey vinyl (only 50 copies in the UK) as well as a limited CD edition (200 available) and the regular and promo CD releases. Yes, I’m boasting about this. I don’t normally go in for limited edition stuff and I am definitely not the sort […]

Gig Review: Young Widows, the Plague Sermon, Bear Feet @ Brighton Prince Albert (18.02.09)

It’s been a while since I wrote about a gig on this blog. I often have the desire to do so, but this usually occurs the morning after a show, and at such times I’m usually feeling a little under the weather (a civil euphemism for being stinking hungover). Today I’m either level-headed enough to […]

Scout’s Honor (2002-2008)

Via PunkNews comes word that US hardcore/country act Scout’s Honor have split up. Apparently they toured Europe one year, but I never had the privilege of seeing them play. Despite that I was a big fan of the band – there was something a little bit special about the band. They weren’t great, but they […]