Live: Baton Rouge / She Crazy / Crows-an-Wra / Lower Slaughter

Baton Rouge band photo

French post-hardcore, Brighton punk ‘n roll and charismatic Cornish screamo all in one small sweaty room. TL;DR: it was great.

Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival 2011 – this weekend!

It’s the arse-end of May again and that means it’s time for another Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival, once again here in Brighton, once again at the Druid’s Arms by the Level, and once again playing host to a throng of post-rock, math and shoegaze bands from around the UK. Supposedly the good weather here […]

My band is playing its first headline show tonight…

…if you can make it down, we’d love to see you there!

Wrecktheplacefantastic live review

We seem to have been reviewed over at my friend Fran’s new music blog, Between the Music & Me. Possibly a bit nepotistic as she used to drum for us and is friends with the two original members of the band, but she’s no bullshitter and notes she was “very pleased I didn’t have to […]

Blatant JAG for Last Days of Lorca (Nice Weather For Airstrikes)

My friend Andy got in touch with me on behalf of the label he works with, Nice Weather For Airstrikes, and asked me to post about Last Days of Lorca, one of their bands. LDoL are a self-described post-indie band and currently have a song in Danny Dyer’s new film, Jack Said. I’ve not seen […]

Gig review: Fucked Up, Let’s Wrestle @ Brighton Freebutt

My review of Canadian hardcore punk outfit Fucked Up has gone live over at the Dreaded Press – check it out. That’s my first live music review in some time… I think since I wrote a short review of Zettasaur and others when I started this blog. Before that? Shitty student newspaper reviews, dating from […]