Wrecktheplacefantastic update…

The gig on Friday went really well; about 70 people down there in the end, maybe half of whom watched us. It’s the first show we’ve played where I was happy with my performance (I always play worse live because of nerves; anxiety?! What anxiety?) and where I believed everyone who said we played a […]

2009: Year’s Best Music

Where “best” is used in the subjective sense of “what I liked the most”. You want analyses of what was most finely crafted or most significant in terms of pop cultural trends, go read Pitchfork or a music postgraduate’s dissertation. Here’s what caught my imagination, heart, and desire to put my fist in the air […]

“What did they do with the bodies?” – Defiance Ohio @ Cowley Club, Brighton

DEFIANCE, OHIO + Madeline + Jakal + Kelly Kemp Cowley Club, Brighton, 28th May 2009 It’s a while since I’ve been down to the Cowley Club – not since last time I tried to see Defiance, Ohio, in fact, on which occasion Brighton’s only radical social club was so packed they’d instituted a one-in one-out […]

Wrecktheplacefantastic @ Brighton Hob, Monday May 11th

Yes, we have another show. A mere five and a half months after our first! The world of rock & roll is fast-paced and demanding, and many get left behind. But not we: we have seized the reigns and are clinging firmly to the frenzied horse of punk rock. Okay, actually, our drummer quit right […]