Iron Chic, Bangers, You Me & the Atom Bomb, Little Ease @ Prince Albert, Brighton

It’s a fair while since I wrote a live review – just over a year, in fact – which probably has as much to do with my newfound tendency to miss the openers as anything else. It’s not a review of a show if you’re not writing about everyone who played, right? Besides, I used […]

Not so much a review as an expression of admiration (Dananananaykroyd + Calories, ER Mar ’09)

Gig review: Dananananaykroyd, Calories @ Engine Room, March ’09 Last night I fought back against the lethargic temptations of being lame and boring and staying in and got myself down to Brighton’s Engine Rooms (key characteristics: underground, smells, broken toilets, sweatbox, flooded this one time, cute barstaff) to see Dananananaykroyd and Calories. Pope Joan and […]

Gig Review: Parts & Labor, SJ Esau, Lonely Ghosts @ Brighton Prince Albert (20.02.09)

Another gig review within days of the last? Just what the hell is going on here? Does it make up for my total failure to post flash fiction for the past fortnight? Read on for the answers to precisely none of these questions. It’s OIB Records’ second birthday – hurray! To celebrate the occasion they’ve […]

Gig Review: Young Widows, the Plague Sermon, Bear Feet @ Brighton Prince Albert (18.02.09)

It’s been a while since I wrote about a gig on this blog. I often have the desire to do so, but this usually occurs the morning after a show, and at such times I’m usually feeling a little under the weather (a civil euphemism for being stinking hungover). Today I’m either level-headed enough to […]