Arcadian Rhythms goes live

So! The project I have spent the last few months and especially January working on has gone live and the first content is beginning to appear. Check it out! One thing the internet does not need is another gaming blog. So, here is another gaming blog! We like to play games. We like to drink […]

More Daily Mail / videogame dumbassery

Check this out. Pretty tragic story, if true: a woman, recently widowed, neglects her young children and lets her pet dogs starve to death because she becomes utterly obsessed with a social network-based boardgame. It says a lot to me about loneliness and isolation and heartbreak and tragedy, and whilst that’s no excuse it’s saddening […]

X-COM returns, draped in 1950s Americana

Having read Alec Meer’s preview of the 2011 X-COM revamp, I am unspeakably excited. It sounds like it could be a genuinely thrilling re-imagining of the license; in his words, “it’s someone throwing money at the concept, not leaving it stranded at the pointless poles of fan-exploitation or slavish re-creation.” The preview appears over at […]

Game Fatale: it’s about games, for dames

That’s not “games for dames”, a marketing category that has produced such gems as Barbie Horse Adventures and – oh god – Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall. No, this is writing about games for and by dames. There’s some precedent, but it remains true that in the highly commercial videogaming industry there’s a widespread […]

Masters of Time and 2D Space

Like every other bugger who pays attention to what’s going on in indie gaming I recently tried out Braid, the time-fucking 2D platformer by independent developer Jonathan Blow. It’s currently only available on Xbox Live (at 1200 points, which in real money is about a tenner) but a Windows version is set to follow later […]

Rewind the Grind: Putting the boot into the MMO

I’ve got another lengthy piece up at Den of Geek, this time taking some lumps out of the bloated, funny-smelling collective body of the mumorperger. I also recommend four in-development MMOGs that look tantalising, primarily because they’re offering something different. Well, Warhammer Online doesn’t seem to be promising anything particularly different, but fuck it. I’m […]