On games’ cultural status


That’s our simplistic view of this idea, “Oh, well, that’s what these high-status works are about. They are about serious topics and serious themes.”

I do too still write about games

Minecraft World

Oh, sure, you write about *one* game. Good job promoting the vibrant parts of video game culture, dick.

A short writing update

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A quick update on some of my writing for other venues.

Black Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

The peculiar USian shopping tradition of Black Friday (most famous in the UK for resulting in some poor Wal-Mart peon being trampled a few years back) has been leeching out into the wider world of digital distribution this year, and as a result I’ve acquired dirt-cheap copies of Aliens vs. Predator, Altitude, DogFight, Flotilla, Gratuitous […]

Game review: Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen

My review of charming Ninty DS JRPG Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen has, as promised, gone live over at the Den. Since writing that review I’ve picked up a cheap copy of Lost Odyssey, probably the strongest and most universally appealing JRPG available for the Xbox 360. Thus far I’m finding it […]

Game Review: ObsCure II (PC)

My review of the PC port of ObsCure II, Hydravision’s 2007 horror survive-’em-up, is now online at Den of Geek. It’s replete with cheap shots, predictable “jokes” and dull analysis of stupid ideas – so quite a lot like the game itself! This is a sequel to 2004’s ObsCure, a multi-platform survival horror game that […]

Game Review: Racedriver GRID

I told you it was a week for games. Games, games, games. Don’t you just love ’em? Some people like fast cars instead. Some people like fast cars and games, and these people might like Racedriver GRID, which is full of beautiful shiny cars. You can drive them into walls very quickly and suffer no […]