“Alert The Internet, Ph.D!”

There have been no genocides targeting people who like Dungeons & Dragons. Liking comic books does not mean you are at a vastly higher statistical risk of domestic violence or rape. Playing video games will not result in your being legally disallowed to marry your partner, and nobody has suggested a constitutional amendment restricting the […]

Was he a nutter?

Via Ansible, this: MURIEL GRAY learned the peril of telling anecdotes, after joking in a Fantasycon 2004 interview about some chap’s complaint to HarperCollins that her horror novel _The Ancient_ (January 2000) was suspiciously similar to his fantasy (unpublished). Her comment ‘So obviously he was a nutter’ clearly rankled, but not as much as her […]

Stuff I Won’t Hate

I’ve lately become a little obsessed with the pop culture junkie blog Stuff You Will Hate, which is mostly written by some of the guys from Metal Inquisition and some teenage scene girls. You’d be right in thinking that this is not something that would traditionally be up my proverbial alley and you’d be spot […]

Rubbish indie rock haikus

I was going to finish and post my first piece of Friday flash fiction in a while, but that’s no longer going to happen. So, in its place here are some rubbish band-based haikus a few friends and I wrote to amuse ourselves on a slow Friday afternoon. WARNING: they’re rubbish. 1 point for each […]

Conversations with my Housemate’s Son

[Young Archie approaches me, holding a toy truck.] Archie: Where is this? Me: Where is that? In your hand? Archie: It’s a truck! Happy Wednesday, I’m on holiday!

Nostalgia for updates?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve still not fixed the linkposts, and I’ve had nothing else to post for a while. Sorry folks. In the meantime, why not have a look at some nice videos from the interwoobertrons? The first one is an awesome funk mashup… thing of Fallout 3 and is goddamn awesome. (Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.) […]

And it’ll burn, burn, burn, like we did to the back catalogue

Via Paul Raven comes a meme with a veneer of respectability… okay, no, it’s as silly as all the rest of ’em, but why not let’s have some fun, hey? Besides, it’s not like I have real content at the moment. The rules are simple: Choose a singer/band/group Answer using ONLY titles of songs by […]